Fresh avocado consignment will arrive on Monday morning the 11th of October 2021

It is important to note that the SA avocado season is coming to an end and as a result our stock is also becoming less available. Prices will be rising slightly from August but just enough so that AvoFit remains the most economical way to buy this super food for your healthy diet.

AvoFit Garden Route

Deliveries from farm to table

We produce quality

using world class standards and Global Gap guidelines

Supplying the Garden Route with First Class AvoFit avocados. Quality guaranteed!

We love avocados!

The next time you buy avocados, have a look at where they are from. Buy first class AvoFit avocados.
AvoFit is committed to quality, sustainability and good agricultural practices.

Farming Operation

We are committed and passionate about producing avocados and our farm is Global GAP certified ensuring we supply you the best quality fruit.